Continuation of Drua Games

Fijian Drua Matches Set to Continue

Despite concerns surrounding Covid-19, the Fijian Drua games will proceed as planned, the Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) announced. The team has adhered to strict health guidelines and precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.

Preparing for Potential Disruptions

In the event of any disruptions due to Covid-19, FRU has alternative plans in place to prevent any negative impacts on the Super Rugby Pacific tournament schedule. The FRU has also confirmed the Drua players are fully vaccinated, furthering their commitment to safe gaming during these testing times.

The CEO of FRU, John O’Connor, iterated the organization’s commitment to adapt to an ever-changing situation and work with relevant parties to ensure matches can proceed safely and successfully for everyone involved.

The Importance of the Matches

The Drua matches hold significant importance for rugby in Fiji, acting as a major step in the nation’s bid to establish itself as a prominent rugby force globally. Progress in the Super Rugby Pacific tournament is seen as key to this strategic goal.

The FRU has been working closely with all relevant stakeholders, ensuring the logistics and health protocols are in place to allow the matches to proceed. This includes a weekly Covid-19 testing plan for the Fijian Drua players.

Drua Matches Set to Continue Amid Health Guidelines

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the FRU is committed to ensuring the Drua matches press on. Adherence to stringent health guidelines, including vaccination, testing, and quarantine protocols, ensures everyone’s safety while allowing the sport to proceed.

Through the continuation of the Drua games, the Fijian Rugby Union is demonstrating its resilience and commitment to the growth of rugby in Fiji. Despite the uncertainties brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, the sport carries on, capturing the resilience of the nation itself.


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