Consult the Fijian Government for Information on Fugang’s Activities

Chinese Embassy Refers Query About Activities of Fijian National Fugang to Fiji Government

The Chinese Embassy has recently responded to queries about Fijian national named Fugang, suggesting that inquiries should be directed to the Fijian government. Fugang was previously alleged to be involved in offshore money laundering, however the nature of the current activities in question has not been specified.

Avoiding Speculation About Non-Chinese Nationals

Asserting that Fugang is a Fijian citizen, the Embassy stated that any information or details pertaining to his activities should be sought directly from the Fijian government. They made it clear that speculative statements concerning the actions of foreign citizens are inappropriate.

Concerns About Media Framing of Chinese Activities

Further into their statement, the Chinese Embassy expressed their concern over the perceived negative media portrayal of Chinese companies’ and individuals’ activities in the foreign nations. They collectively recognized the role of media in sensitizing matters of international relations and urged that such information should be presented with responsibility and accuracy.

Appeal for Fairness and Objectivity in Reporting

The Embassy encouraged unbiased and fair reporting, rather than presenting information that supports a premeditated narrative with negative connotations towards Chinese operations overseas. It emphasized that fostering sincere cooperation and mutual benefits is a priority for Chinese policies and companies in foreign countries and media reports should reflect this objective truthfully.

While other specific details regarding Fugang’s activities were not disclosed, this statement by the Chinese Embassy amplifies the significance of responsible and balanced media reporting in shaping international relations, particularly between China and foreign nations. Furthermore, it directs questions and concerns regarding the activities of expat citizens to their respective home governments.


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