Concerns Over Maritime Safety

Fiji Maritime Safety Authority Prioritises Vessel Safety

The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) has highlighted ship safety as their primary concern amidst possible risks that could jeopardize the country’s shipping industry.

MSAF’s Vigilance amidst the Concern

The MSAF is putting in substantial efforts to ensure proper adherence to marine rules and guidelines. These rules, which are aimed at guaranteeing the safety of ships, are of paramount importance to the authority. This has come into the spotlight, especially amidst growing concerns over possible dangers linked to the shipping industry.

Routine Ship Inspections and Risk Assessments

The MSAF not only set the rules but also conducts regular ship-mate inspections and risk assessments. As part of their assessment, they verify whether proper navigation systems are installed and functional and if safety and rescue equipment are operational.

Detailed Safety Inspections

The safety inspections conducted by MSAF focuses on checking the installation of navigational equipment like marine radars and radio communication devices. These crucial tools form a part of the obligatory safety regulations for every ship. MSAF carries out these inspections to ensure that these systems are correctly installed and in perfect working condition.

Preparedness Activities for Rescue Operations

MSAF also pays considerable attention to safety preparedness. The authority places high importance on updating and checking the functionality of life-saving tools on the ship, such as life jackets, life rafts, and rescue boats. Constant vigilance ensures that these essential tools are in good condition and ready for use in the event of any unfortunate incidents at sea.

In summary, the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji is relentlessly working towards ensuring ship safety. By conducting meticulous inspections and risk assessments, they aim to minimize the potential dangers connected with the shipping industry. Their commitment towards upholding safety protocols reflects their unwavering attention to guard the lives of all those who traverse Fiji’s seas.


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