Chand to Wave Fiji Flag at World Pageant Representing Country

Selina Chan to Represent Fiji at Global Beauty Pageant

Selina Chand, a young Fijian entrepreneur, is slated to represent her country at the forthcoming Miss Grand International pageant. This international event aims to spread awareness and work towards the end of conflicts and wars around the world.

Chand’s Journey to the Global Stage Statement

Not a stranger in beauty pageants, Chand entered into this sector in 2017 by participating in the Miss Fiji pageant. Her active participation and significant impact earned her a place representing Fiji at the international pageant.

Chand, who also runs a small business, is passionate about using her platform to talk more about Fiji, its culture, and everything that makes the country unique. She plans to promote the nation’s beautiful landscapes, rich traditions, and the spirit of resilience seen in its people.

Contributions towards Peace Awareness

Miss Grand International, apart from being a grand event that celebrates beauty, is also a platform to create awareness of peace and end conflicts worldwide. It is well-known for its motto: “Stop the War and Violence.”

Chand’s involvement in this event isn’t just about representing her country’s beauty and culture. It also sheds light on global issues like peace and war, echoing the pageant’s central theme.

The beauty queen also has plans to fulfil her mandate through her participation; she wants to encourage dialogues and discussions about these conflicts and how individuals and nations can contribute to stopping wars.

Preparations for the Beauty Pageant

While preparing for the forthcoming grand event, Chand is not just focusing on the physical preparations. She is also mentally preparing herself, knowing that the pageant isn’t just about beauty but also about carrying an important message for the globe.

She plans to use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn more, educate others, and speak on significant issues that she is passionate about. After all, the pageant stage grants Paricipants an international voice, and Chand is determined to utilize it effectively for Fiji and for the larger cause of global peace.

Chand’s quest to the pageant’s global stage is a proud moment for Fiji, and it underlines her earnest commitment to making the world a better place through dialogues about peace.


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