CEO Bhan Pratap Singh’s Tenure with Fiji Sugar Corporation Extended for Three Years

Bhan Pratap Singh’s Tenure as CEO of Fiji Sugar Corporation Extended for Three More Years

In recent developments, the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) has renewed the contract of its CEO, Bhan Pratap Singh, confirming his leadership role for another three years.

New Contract Sustains CEO Position Until 2024

By extending Singh’s tenure until 2024, the FSC maintains continuity of leadership, bolstering its commitment to enhancing the national sugar industry. Arising as a standard-bearer for sustainable growth strategies, Singh’s extended tenure promises to support FSC’s ongoing initiatives and objectives.

Details of the Decision

The announcement came as the result of board decisions within the FSC. The extension was granted in recognition of Singh’s effective leadership and substantial contributions to company success. Having served in this position since 2017, Singh’s unwavering commitment to FSC has been instrumental in the corporation’s progressive strides.

Leadership That Drives Sugar Industry Progress

Singh’s extended tenure as CEO of Fiji Sugar Corporation is reflective of steady progress and continuous strides in the Fiji sugar industry. His emphasis on sustainability, commitment to company initiatives and direct contributions suggest a promising future for the corporation as they aim to enhance their operations to the benefit of the sugar industry in the country.


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