Celebration Plans in Motion: Nadroga Rugby Union Prepares for Skipper Cup Win

The Cambridge Farms Nadroga Rugby Union teams and supporters are gearing up for their Skipper Cup celebration after receiving their prize money from the Fiji Rugby Union.

NRU president Jiuta Waqavonovono confirmed the receipt of the prize money last Thursday, expressing gratitude towards the FRU for the timely transfer.

“We can finally start now with the celebration plans. The people of Nadroga have been waiting for this occasion as we are proud of our players,” Waqavonovono said.

However, he clarified that the prize money for this year’s Skipper Cup is $20,000, a decrease from the typical $30,000 awarded in previous years. The Nadroga Under-20 team received $5,000 for winning the Skipper Cup U20 competition.

“We will re-adjust our budget a bit to cater for everything we planned for. We will also inform our sponsors of the celebration. Everyone is looking forward and we are all excited to honor our heroes,” he added.

Waqavonovono also expressed gratitude to family members and supporters for their unwavering support throughout the competition.

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