CCDA Launches new Corporate Plan




On November 14, the U.S Ambassador to Papua New Guinea, Ms. Catherine Ebert-Gray in partnership with Honorable John Pundari, PNG’s Minister for Environment & Climate Change launched the corporate plan for the Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA)   at the APEC International Media Center in Port Moresby, PNG.

The Corporate Plan is a strategic plan developed by CCDA to guide its Operation  of the climate change activities in PNG from 2018- 2022. The corporate Plan has a vision, Mission , strategic objectives and list of strategies that helps CCDA achieve its objectives. The Plan is also aligned to both National , Regional and International Plans in terms of climate change . CCDA’s corporate Plan will contributes to achieving Key Performance Indicators  of the recently launched Medium Term Development Plan 111 (2018- 2022) for PNG .The plan is also aligned to the Paris Agreement 2016 and other international agreements that PNG is a signatory to in Climate Change. The plan  is a road map that will guide its four different divisions to develop their respective annual operation plans and budgets.

USAID in PNG, Through its Ready project has supported the development of the corporate plan by facilitating a joint organizational assessment to identify institutional gaps and provided technical assistance to review and finalize the development of the plan. The launch of this plan is a landmark for the CCDA as it supports them achieve its objectives .