Calls for Scrutiny of $90M Public-Private Partnership in Fijian Healthcare Sector

Opposition Member of Parliament, Penioni Ravunawa, has called for a thorough scrutiny of the public-private partnership facilitating the $90 million funding for the Ba and Lautoka Hospitals.

Responding to the 2024-2025 National Budget, Ravunawa expressed concerns about the role of private entities like Aspen Medical in managing public health resources, highlighting issues of equitable access and the affordability of care.

“While the government’s budget for the health sector in Fiji for the next financial year has some promising elements, as a representative of the opposition, I cannot overlook the glaring deficiencies and inconsistencies,” Ravunawa stated.

Ravunawa commended the high levels of patient satisfaction and the access to cutting-edge secondary and tertiary healthcare enjoyed by the residents of Lautoka and Ba. However, he emphasized the need to finalize the paperwork related to this business arrangement.

He stated that it is the coalition government’s responsibility to ensure transparency for taxpayers and the general public.

The Opposition MP also urged the Government to extend the free healthcare scheme under the General and Dental Practitioner initiative to the Northern, Eastern, and Western parts of Fiji.

Ravunawa praised the program for alleviating the burden on the public health system, reducing waiting times, and providing better quality medical and dental services.

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