Cadet Receives Prestigious Honour at Passing-Out Parade

Cadet training at schools not only profoundly impacts students but also fosters strong camaraderie.

Merewai Covua Matakarawa, recipient of the Baton of Honour at Xavier College’s cadet passing-out parade in Ba on Friday, was surprised when her name was called out on the school grounds.

“This is particularly special as our school celebrates 25 years of cadet excellence this year,” shared Merewai, the head girl. “Receiving this honour was unexpected and deeply meaningful.”

Reflecting on her cadet training experience, she said, “For many of us, cadet training was entirely new. We endured rigorous running and shared moments of discipline, but it all brought us closer together. It underscored the importance of teamwork and taught us invaluable time management skills.”

“As someone who struggled with time management, the training instilled discipline in us—it was a transformative experience,” she added. “Now, I’m determined to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer and establishing my own law firm.”

Originally from Magodro, Ba, with maternal ties to Bua in Vanua Levu, Merewai expressed gratitude for the personal growth and camaraderie fostered by the cadet programme.

“I thank God for granting me the courage to lead our school in this parade,” she continued. “As a group, we persevered, adjusted our attitudes, and worked collectively toward our goals.”

Acknowledging her support system, she said, “I am thankful to my parents for their encouragement, the trainers for their guidance, and the teachers and management for facilitating this year’s cadet pass-out.”

Looking ahead, Merewai outlined her plans, saying, “I intend to pursue law, although I also consider studying accounting, management, and information technology as alternative options.”

Captain (Navy) Saula Tuilevuka, the chief guest, urged students to prioritise discipline in their lives amidst contemporary challenges like child abuse, suicide, and drug abuse.

“It’s a challenging time for students nationwide,” Captain Tuilevuka remarked. “Self-discipline is pivotal—it guides us to make sound decisions.”

He also encouraged parents to invest more time with their children. “The most precious moments are those spent together at home,” he emphasised.

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