Boost in Women’s Rugby in Fiji Through New Partnership

Women’s Rugby in Fiji Gets a Boost

A strategic partnership has been formed to elevate Women’s Rugby in Fiji. This key association between the Fiji Rugby Union (FRU), the Australian Government, and the United Nations (UN) Women Fiji Multi-Country Office aims to strengthen and promote gender equality and the active participation of women in sports.

Fiji Rugby Union Male Advocates Program

As a part of this partnership, the Fiji Rugby Union is launching the ‘Male Advocates Program’. This initiative encourages Men Rugby players to advocate for Women’s Rugby in Fiji. The program’s core goal is to popularize women’s rugby and promote fair play.

FRU’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. John O’Connor, lauded this program, affirming that it will help bring about equality in pitches across Fiji. He reiterated the Union’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for the growth and sustainability of Women’s Rugby.

Backing from Australian Government and UN Women Fiji

This partnership has received robust support from the Australian Government and UN Women Fiji. Both organizations sahred their dedication to nurturing women’s sports and tackling gender discrimination.

The Australian High Commissioner to Fiji, His Excellency Mr. John Feakes, declared that his Government is happy to align itself with this cause. He emphasized Australia’s history of promoting women in sports both domestically and globally.

On behalf of UN Women Fiji, Specialist in Ending Violence Against Women, Abigail Erikson, stated that it’s imperative that women can equally take part in all aspects of life, including sports. She expressed hope that such partnerships will inspire more women to take up rugby, that has traditionally been male-dominated in Fiji.

This partnership is not just a significant boost for Women’s Rugby in Fiji, it’s a leap forward in combating gender discrimination in sports and promoting equal participation. With powerful allies joining hands, the future of Women’s Rugby in Fiji looks bright.


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