Baber, Cardiff Met Head, Returns to Fiji for Olympics

McInerney Represents Fiji With Pride

Connacht hooker, Dave Heffernan, suffered an injury on Friday, which enabled Shane McInerney an opportunity to play for the Fijian national rugby union team, despite being a naturally Ireland-born athlete. McInerney’s mother, originally from Fiji, provided the player a chance to represent their heritage, which has become a highlight of his career.

Unexpected Opportunity for McInerney

With a sudden injury sidelining Dave Heffernan, McInerney, typically the second-choice hooker for Connacht and initially overlooked for the Fijian team, was thrown into the prestigious international fixture against the Cook Islands. His tenacity during the match further cemented his place in the Fijian team and garnered praise from both fans and critics alike.

Embracing Dual Heritage

Being both Irish and Fijian, McInerney grew up with a strong bond to his Fijian heritage, thanks to his mother who kept the family immersed in Fijian culture. This bond consequently inspired a desire within McInerney to represent Fiji on a rugby pitch – a dream he has now fulfilled with immense pride.

Honoring Fijian Roots Through Rugby

Despite born and raised in Ireland, McInerney has always felt an affinity with Fiji due to his maternal roots. Rugby, being an integral part of Fijian culture, provided him with a means to stay connected to his Fijian heritage. Wearing the white jersey with the palm tree and rugby posts has thus turned into a deeply personal and emotional journey for McInerney.

Path to Wear the Fiji Jersey

It wasn’t an easy ride for Shane McInerney to secure a spot in the Fijian team. His initial attempts to join the squad were met with bureaucratic hurdles, such as establishing eligibility. With his diligence and the supportive administrative help from Pro Rugby Agency’s Zane Winslade, he managed to fulfill the necessary World Rugby residency requirements.

Overcoming Administrative Hurdles

Satisfying eligibility criteria meant proving a direct maternal connection to Fiji, which required substantial paperwork. Despite the complications, McInerney demonstrated that he met the letter of World Rugby’s law through his mother’s Fijian origins. With tireless efforts from both McInerney and Winslade, this unexpected journey turned into a triumphant one.


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