“Acting Director of Public Prosecution to Step Down Unexpectedly”

The Acting Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), John Rabuku, will vacate his office as of midnight tonight. Mr. Rabuku confirmed this after receiving a letter from the Office of the President, advising him of a formal revocation regarding his appointment.

“I have had my meetings with the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) already, I have received my letter from the office of the President for revocation of my Acting DPP appointment,” he said. “The revocation comes into effect by 12 midnight on Wednesday 10th July, I will no longer be Acting DPP after midnight.”

Mr. Rabuku also revealed he was asked by the JSC to submit his preference for Acting DPP. However, he declined to disclose a name since it was their prerogative. “It is a preference based on the nine months of work I have done with the top management of the Office of the DPP who have contributed to the shaping of the strategic vision of the office going forward,” he said.

Yesterday, Mr. Rabuku was in the west conducting his last checks. “I have my last meeting today with the top management of the office and possibly a conference call with the northern offices,” Mr. Rabuku said.

Mr. Rabuku thanked the JSC for considering his proposals, which he intended for DPP. “I thank them for considering my proposals and being steadfast despite the public calls for my immediate resignation,” he said. “I thank my hard-working staff and encourage them to remain steadfast like the apex prosecutors they are.”

Attorney-General Graham Leung declined to comment on the matter.

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