2023 Crop Season: Fiji Sugar Corporation Makes Third Cane Payment

Fiji Sugar Corporation Disburses Third Cane Payment for the 2023 Season

The Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) has recently paid out the third cane payment for the 2023 season’s crop. This continues the company’s commitment to timely payments and supporting local sugar cane farmers.

Payment Details and Industry Response

Farmers in Fiji have welcomed the timely payment, with the Chairman of the Cane Growers Council, Ratu Wiliame Maivalili, expressing his appreciation for the FSC’s efforts in providing steady income to growers. The latest payment brings the total payout for the 2023 crop so far to $82.57 per tonne.

The council chairman further highlighted the importance of such payments, making particular note of how these funds support areas such as fertilisers, weedicides, and essential farming equipment — all of which are critical for maintaining the livelihoods of local farmers.

Government Support for the Sugar Industry

The FSC’s payments have been supplemented by assistance from the Fijian government. The government has been substantial in supporting the sugar industry, particularly through the Sugar Cane Stabilization Fund. This fund ensures the continued payment of $85 per tonne to farmers, further bolstering their income stability and contributing to the overall health of the sugar industry.

The Fijian Minister for Sugar, Jone Usamate, has reiterated the government’s commitment to the continued growth and enhancement of the local sugar industry. He pointed out that ensuring regular payments to farmers and leveraging additional funding channels like the Stabilization Fund were key factors in achieving this goal.

In summary, the recent third payment by the Fiji Sugar Corporation to local farmers for their 2023 cane crop and further aid from the government through the Sugar Cane Stabilization Fund are fostering the growth and sustainability of the sugar industry in Fiji. These efforts continue to provide regular income to farmers, support farming activities, and contribute to the overall economic wellbeing of the nation.

Source: https://www.chinimandi.com/fiji-sugar-corporation-pays-third-cane-payment-for-2023-season-crop/

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